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We help you move on with your life simply, quickly and affordably without any paperwork to complete or visits to the court. Our fixed legal fees start at only $499.

Our attorneys complete your divorce affordably without any paperwork or visits to the court.

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Easily Start Your Divorce with a Simple Client Interview.

Easily Start Your Divorce with a Simple Client Interview.

We’ll guide you through a short online interview and gather the information needed for our attorneys to advise you and prepare your divorce filings. You will receive guidance from an experienced matrimonial attorney so you can avoid costly legal mistakes and improper filings.

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An Attorney Will Chat with You About Your Case and Prepare Your Documents.

Our friendly attorneys will discuss your case with you (and your spouse, if you prefer) by phone or video conference and outline the divorce process. Next, we’ll prepare all required legal documents as well as a settlement agreement for you and your spouse to review and sign.

Sign and Notarize Your Divorce Documents Right on Your Phone or Desktop.

Sign and Notarize Your Divorce Documents Right on Your Phone or Desktop.

There’s no need to print any documents or find a Notary Public. Sign and notarize your legal documents, virtually, right on your smartphone or desktop - anytime, anywhere. Our process is 100% legal, court-approved, and convenient.

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We’ll e-File Your Divorce
with the Court and
Monitor Your Case.

You won’t have to file any documents or appear before a judge at any time. Our legal team will process all required filings directly with the court. We’ll also monitor your case and update you regularly so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Start my Divorce

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Divorce can be complex. We know. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get asked by our clients on issues ranging from New Jersey residency requirements and child support to the division of retirement accounts. If there is anything that we haven’t covered - give us a call, we’d love to chat with you.

  • What is an "Uncontested Divorce"?

    An "uncontested divorce," as opposed to a "contested divorce," is where (a) you and your spouse agree on all divorce-related issues (i.e., child custody and support, division of marital property and spousal support); and (b) your spouse cooperates with the execution of the divorce documents or is served with the "Summons and Complaint" and fails to appear in the proceedings or otherwise challenge the divorce. If your spouse will cooperate, an uncontested divorce is the quickest, friendliest, and most affordable way to dissolve your marriage without any required court appearances.

  • Is an uncontested divorce right for us?

    An Uncontested Divorce is always the best option when you and your spouse are able to work through your differences and reach an agreement regarding key issues such as division of assets, child custody, and support. Aside from avoiding a very costly legal battle, by pursuing an amicable uncontested divorce you will have saved yourself a great deal of stress and, if you have children, you and your spouse will have paved the way for a healthy working relationship.

  • Does your firm handle division of pensions/ retirement accounts?

    Yes, we can address any types of assets including real estate, 401(k)s, pensions, and other financial accounts. Please note that while we do provide for the division of retirement accounts in your Settlement Agreement, our services do not include the preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). A QDRO is typically required in order to affect a penalty-free transfer of funds from one spouse's pension or retirement account to an account belonging to the other spouse. However, we do work closely with several pension preparation services to which we will refer you, if needed, upon review of your file.

  • We have an existing Family Court order awarding child support, can this be incorporated into our divorce?

    Yes. If you have an existing Family Court Order concerning Child Support or Custody, we will incorporate the terms Ordered by the Family Court into your Judgment of Divorce. This will serve to continue any existing Order of Custody or Support that had been previously issued by the Court. We will, of course, need to include a copy of any such Order(s) in your divorce filings.

  • How will our divorce documents be sent to us for review and signature?

    You (and your spouse) will have the option of receiving your documents by one of four methods:

    • Secure Email Download
    • USPS Mail
    • FedEx (additional fees apply)
    • Notarize.com online notary platform

    Legal documents sent via email will arrive electronically in PDF format and may be downloaded and printed using a secure link provided by our offices. The PDF download will include instructions on how to properly sign and notarize your documents. All documents will arrive complete and signature-ready.

  • Will my divorce be prepared and filed by an attorney?

    Absolutely. When you retain Yaniv & Associates, you will have the benefit of a professional, full-service law firm. Your case will be assigned to a dedicated attorney who will review your case information, offer guidance, and prepare all required legal documents. You will also have access to our support staff and paralegals who are always ready to assist. We are a team of super-friendly, knowledgable, and experienced Attorneys, Paralegals, and Legal Assistants. Don't be fooled by our affordable rates. We employ cutting edge technologies and systems to keep our administrative costs low and, in turn, offer you an exceptional client experience for a very reasonable fee.

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